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How Sheepskin Slippers Can Provide Foot Health Benefits To Diabetic People

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If you suffer from diabetes, or are close to somebody who does, you will almost certainly be well aware of how important maintaining good foot health is to diabetic people. The restricted circulation and impinged nervous sensation in the feet that often occurs in diabetic people can lead to a wide variety of problems if the feet are neglected.

Protecting the feet from damage is therefore highly important, and wearing suitable comfortable footwear is one of the best ways for diabetics to keep their feet in good condition.However, this need for proper footwear is just as important in the home as it outdoors, especially if your home has hard, unforgiving floors made from wood or stone.

Sheepskin slippers can therefore be a great aid for diabetic people looking to protect their feet around the home. This luxurious, natural material offers a range of advantages that other slipper materials simply can't match:


The fibres of natural sheepskin wool are very tightly wound, forming complex, looping patterns that resemble tiny, natural 'springs'. When used in sheepskin slippers, this springy fibre surface provides excellent support to the soles of the feet. Combining this support with a suitable slipper sole can be a great aid in preventing corns, calluses, plantar fasciitis and other foot problems associated with poor foot support.

Temperature regulation

Sheepskin is breathable, and the constant flow of air allowed to pass through a sheepskin slipper is highly effective at regulating the temperature of your feet . This means sheepskin slippers are comfortable to wear even during warm weather, so you will never be unable to protect your feet with suitable footwear.

Moisture regulation

This breathable quality also means that any moisture buildup inside the slipper is rapidly wicked away by the flow of air. This prevents sweat from building up inside the slipper and causing the foot to become damp, a problem which can to skin and toenail problems in many diabetes sufferers.

Lanolin content

Natural sheepskin slippers contain lanolin, a naturally waterproof grease secreted by the skin of the sheep your slippers came from. The sheep uses this grease to prevent its wool from becoming wet and matted, and the lanolin content of natural sheepskin slippers is one of the reasons they are so good at wicking away moisture.

However, lanolin also has another useful property. When applied to human skin it acts as a highly effective moisturised and emollient -- so effective that it is an active ingredient in many moisturising creams and skin lotions. As you can imagine, the lanolin content of your sheepskin slippers can be high beneficial for the skin on your feet, keeping it supple and helping to soften calluses.